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Husband: Ranulf II Count of POITOU [I31114]
Born: 855 1
Died: 05 AUG 890 2
Father: Ranulf I Duke of AQUITAINE
Mother: Blichilde of MAINE
Spouses: UNKNOWN
Wife: ADA [I31397]
Died: 935
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Ranulf II Count of POITOU:


Line 144A
17. RANULF I, Count of Poitou, b. abt. 855, d. 5 Aug 890, m. Ada, d. 935 (not the mother of gen. 18). (ES II/76; West Winter, V.17)
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Ranulf II (also spelled Rannoux, Rannulf, Ramnulf, and Ranulph) (850 – 5 August 890) was Count of Poitou from 866 and Duke of Aquitaine from 887. On the death of Charles the Fat in 888, he styled himself King of Aquitaine and did so until 889 or his death, after which the title fell into abeyance.
Ranulf was a son of Ranulf I and Bilichild of Maine. He married an Ermengard (died 935) and by her had a son, Ranulf III, who succeeded him in Poitiers. His illegitimate son Ebalus succeeded him in Aquitaine and, upon the death of Ranulf III, in Poitiers too.



Not the mother of Ebles Mancer

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