Northern & Southern Ties

This site is dedicated to the ancestry of the Cotton and Tarbell surnames. The site contains all the ancestry compiled by Betty ‘Jean’ Cotton through the 35+ years she has devoted her time to researching the genealogy lines of the family surnames. Make sure to visit the photo section to see bio sheets, old family photos and headstones from various ancestors. Give some of the family recipes a try and enjoy some good old down-home family comfort.

"It is a noble faculty of ours which enables us to collect our thoughts,our sympathies and our happiness with what is distant in place or times- to hold communion with our ancestors. We become their contemporaries, live the lives they lived, endure what they endured and partake of their rewards which they enjoyed."
Daniel Webster 

For the past thirty+ years I have researched the many surnames in our families. I have encountered a few ‘brick walls’. However, this has not diminished the satisfaction of gaining an insight of our ancestor’s lives and what they endured. From the early settlers of the British Colonies, to the early pioneers of the Upper Louisiana Territory. From immigrants to Virginia, to the pioneers of what are now Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. It is my goal to leave my grandchildren, and our family, an image of their heritage. I am very proud of each and every ancestor, and their accomplishments, in our family tree.

-- Betty ‘Jean’ Cotton

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