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Husband: Edward the ATHELING [I31082]
Born: 1017 in postumously 1
Died: 19 APR 1057 in England 2
Father: Edmund II 'Ironside' King Of ENGLAND
Wife: AGATHA [I31083]
Born: about 1020 3
Died: about 1068 4
01 (F): Margaret 'St. Margaret' Of SCOTLAND [I31080]
Born: 1045 in Kingdom of Hungary 5
Died: 16 NOV 1093 in Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland 6
Spouses: Malcolm III 'Canmore' King Of SCOTLAND
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Edward the ATHELING:


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20. EDWARD, 'the Atheling' called the "Exile" b. postumously 1017, d. 1057; m. Agatha, b. 1020s, d. abt. 1068; probalby dau. of LAROSLAV I (241-5), Grand Prince of Kiev, by his wife Irina (lingigerd) of Sweden. This parentage for Agatha is now the most probable. See Rene Jette, "Is the Mystery of the Origin of Agatha, Wife of Edward the Exile, Finally Solved?" NEHGR 150 (1996); 417-432; and Norman W. Ingham, "Has a Missing Daughter of laroslav Mudryl Been Found?" Russian History/Histoire Russe 25 (1998): 231-17- (with references to alternative theories).
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Edward the Exile (1016 – 19 April 1057), also called Edward Ætheling, was the son of King Edmund Ironside and of Ealdgyth. He spent most of his life in exile in the Kingdom of Hungary following the defeat of his father by Cnut the Great.
After the Danish conquest of England in 1016, Canute had Edward, said to be only a few months old, and his brother Edmund, sent to the Swedish court of Olof Skötkonung[1][2] (who was either Canute's half-brother or his stepbrother), supposedly with instructions to have the children murdered. Instead, the two boys were secretly sent either to Kiev,[3] where Olof's daughter Ingigerd was the queen, or to Poland, where Canute's uncle Boleslaw I Chrobry was duke.[4] Later Edward made his way to Hungary, probably in the retinue of Ingigerd's son-in-law András, in 1046.



Agatha (wife of Edward the Exile) From Wikipedia, the free encycloped
Agatha (before 1030 – after 1070) was the wife of Edward the Exile (heir to the throne of England) and mother of Edgar Ætheling, Saint Margaret of Scotland and Cristina of England. Her antecedents are unclear and the subject of much speculation.[1]
Nothing is known of Agatha's early life, and what speculation has appeared is inextricably linked to the contentious issue of Agatha's paternity, one of the unresolved questions of medieval genealogy. As the birth of her children is speculatively placed at around the year 1045, her own birth was probably before about 1030. She came to England with her husband and children in 1057, but was widowed shortly after her arrival. Following the Norman conquest of England, in 1067 she fled with her children to Scotland, finding refuge under her future son-in-law Malcolm III. Simeon of Durham[2] carries what appears to be the last reference to her in 1070.[3]
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